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Exchange group of professionals in Global Mobility and HR

The Global Mobility Alliance brings together leading employers to discuss trends and developments in the Global Mobility space

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We are experts from leading organisations

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We discuss all Global Mobility relevant topics

Authorities are enforcing travel regulations more strictly to protect national interests, including tax collection, immigration control, and preventing financial misconduct. At the same time, companies need their employees to travel internationally. The Global Mobility Alliance (founded in 2022 as "Workation Alliance" and rebranded in 2024) brings together leading employers to address trends and solutions

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How to identify and mitigate permanent establishment, wage tax, social security, labour law and work entitlement risks?

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How to manage the process for A1-Certificates, CoCs, health insurance and internal approval flows?

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Employer branding

How to communicate the travel compliance processes internally and externally to improve employee satisfaction and attract new talent?


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We regularly have online and in-person events to share best practices and contribute know-how. Please note that some of the events are for members only

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Pieter Manden

Founder Global Mobility Alliance

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